Singapore: One thing to… Eat

Singapore has amazing food, from budget priced food courts to high end restaurants. But you don’t need to pay top prices to get the best food. Singapore is famous for its hawker stands, large complexes containing multiple food stalls, selling low-priced food. Best of all, is Satay by the Bay.

Satay by the Bay, a group of local and international food stalls, is located in a quiet corner of the Gardens by the Bay.

Photo by Elina Sazonova on

As you make your way along the waterfront from the gardens, let the calls of ‘Satay!’ lead you in the right direction. The enticing smells and low humdrum of noise will guide you the last few steps into the middle of the stalls, where you’ll find a multitude of delicious local and international food to try. There’s a huge selection of satay, one of Singapore’s signature dishes, as well as a variety of other stalls selling meat, seafood and rice.

To really treat your taste buds, go to the City Satay stall located on the outer edge near the entrance. Here you can purchase skewers of various meat or fish, barbecued and served with a big helping of satay sauce. Sides, such as rice cubes, are also available to order. Place your order and take a seat – you’ll be buzzed on the electronic device they hand you once it’s ready. Either sit under the overhead canopy, where you can benefit from the large fans whirring round above you, or embrace the humidity and sit outside and admire the surrounding scenery.

It’s the food Singapore is famous for, combined with the stunning waterfront setting of Gardens by the Bay. All without breaking the bank! Combine your food with a visit to the flower and cloud domes located within the Gardens, or the nightly light shows in the Supertree Grove.

Coming soon… what to do in Singapore.


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